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About Us

About Us

Not only a name, It’s a Concept

Dimlaj is an ancient Arabic word presented in its surface meaning: "Mastering the art of polishing and smoothing pieces of jewelry, while it's deep meaning is: "Perfection"

Vision & Mission

Comes from our name, we look towards achieving an integrated, harmonious solution in daily life usages. Dimlaj work is dedicated to achieve this goal by adding new original art concepts represented through our slogan "a touch of art".

Company history

Dimlaj is a family owned group of companies that were founded in sequence since the year 1954 and still under the leadership of the group founder Mr. Ramadan Urabi; the company has achieved a great success in the field of tabletop products by working via channels of fine arrangements and marketing logistics, expanded to serve a wide network of customers at both regional and International scales.